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Split Systems
What we do

Aircheck services repair and service refirgerated air conditioning units, and install wall mounted split system airconditioners.

All work is carried out by fully qualified airconditioning and refrigeration technicians.

We provide
> breakdown service and repairs

> Scheduled pre-summer servicing

Split System Installations:

Aircheck Services can supply & install split system airconditioners or will install only if the client prefers to purchase their own unit.

The majority of service / breakdown calls to refrigerated airconditioning units are a direct result of poor installations.

~ Indoor airconditioning pipe wall penetrations not sealed (mice damage)
~ Units under sized for the area
~ Drains incorrectly installed
~ Refrigerant leaks at flared connections
~ Outdoor units sitting directly on the ground with no clearance

An outdoor unit sitting directly on the ground can cause rust damage and also allows sand, leaves etc to accumulate under and around the unit.

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Image of dead mouse in an airconditioner

What we do during an installation:

Installations are completed to the following specifications by qualified tradespeople:

* Installations are only carried out by qualified airconditioning / refrigeration tradespeople
* Power supply to the equipment is carried out by license electrical contractors
* Outdoor units are mounted on 70mm high vibration mounts
   or bevel faced limestone blocks if in garden beds etc
* Wall brackets can be used at the clients request
* Outdoor units are always bolted down
* Internal pipe wall penetrations are sealed to prevent mice and insects entering the indoor unit
* Pipes are run in a good quality pipe duct
* Refrigeration pipes are insulated with good quality pipe insulation
* Drains run into PVC pipe (not plastic hose)
* Isolating switch installed near the outdoor unit

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Images of various installations