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What is done on a service
Why service your evaporative air conditioner
Health & Hygiene
Winter shutdowns & winter covers

Aircheck Services repair and service most brands of Evaporative Air Conditioning units.


If you would like a regular service done on your Evaporative Air Conditioner we can schedule your service to suit your requirements.

Scheduled servicing will ensure your Evaporative unit is always ready for summer.

What is done on a service:
  > Pads removed from air conditioner and washed out
  > Unit thoroughly washed out
  > Wiring checked and cable tied as required
  > Inlet water float valves lubricated and correctly set
  > Motors, pumps, dump valves, control box etc checked
  > Drive belts, drain seals etc checked and replaced as required
  > Water bleed off set where required
  > Winter dampers checked to ensure they are operating correctly
  > General operation of the unit is checked
  > Report on condition of pads etc is provided
  > Any recommendations for the unit are advised
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Samples of Damage

Images of damage which can be prevented with servicing
Examples of benefits of services:                                                   

Examples of effective servicing

Why Service your evaporative Air Conditioner?

Regular servicing of units will reduce the risk of the unit breaking down through the summer and help to keep the unit clean and hygienic.

Faults can arise from units not being operated through the winter period and are not usually detected until the first hot day
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Health & Hygiene:

Water in an evaporative unit is pumped over water pads. The fan draws outside air through the wet pads into the building.

For units that do not dump the water frequently, the water sits in the unit until manually drained.

Water not drained from units can become dirty, muddy or stagnant over a period of time. Water in this condition not only causes the unit & pads to deteriorate but can also cause health problems.

Pads not washed out frequently can block with dirt and also become mouldy.

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Many breakdown service calls could be avoided by annual servicing.

There are several faults that can be detected & rectified during a service that could prevent a breakdown during summer.

~ Pads in a poor condition could be replaced
~ Pump basket blocked reducing flow to pads - Pads not 100% saturated will result in dry spots on the pads
~ Water distribution tubes to the pads blocked also reducing water flow to the pads
~ Noisy pumps or fan motors could be replaced or repaired before they fail
~ Inlet water floats incorrectly adjusted or seized can restrict the water entering the unit or allow water to overflow the unit
~ Fan drive belts worn, loose or cracked
(A loose fan belt wil reduce air flow)
~ Drain valve seals worn allowing water to leak through
~ Water bleed off lines blocked not allowing fresh water to enter the unit (Water bleed off systems)
~ Visual check of electrical components may detect a fault prior to a breakdown
~ Flashings rusted through causing potential roof leaks

Important notes:

# Pads blocked with dirt or calcium etc or badly deteriorated can affect the efficiency of the unit & may restrict the air flow through the pads.
# Celdek pads can become soft and expand and restrict the water flow through the pads
# If water cannot flow freely through the pads the fan may draw water from the pads into the fan and dropper duct. This will allow water into the ceiling and rust fan motors.
# Pads leaning in towards the fan will allow the fan to draw water from the pads
# Badly worn pads can break & fall into the fan
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Winter Shutdowns & Winter Covers

Some evaporative air conditioning units have winter flaps in the dropper duct or unit that close when the fan is not operating. A lot of units have no winter flaps and may require an external cover or panels.

Winter Covers

> Prevents cold air entering the building through the air conditioning ducting and air conditioning unit.
> Helps to prevent heat loss from the building through the air conditioning ducting/air conditioning unit.
> Helps to prevent smoke smells from wood fires entering through the air conditioning unit.
> Protects the unit from the weather.

What is done on a winter shutdown:

- Air conditioning power supply is turned off to protect the control system in the event of power problems during the winter period.
- Water drained from the unit so dirty water is not left sitting in the unit.
-Air conditioning water supply is turned off to prevent water leaks that may occur during the winter period - leaking solenoids, fittings etc
- Batteries removed from remote controls to prevent batteries corroding and damaging the remote.
- Inspection of the air conditioning unit after the summer period may detect problems that can be repaired or scheduled to be repaired during the pre summer start up.


Air conditioning units shut down for the winter period are scheduled to be serviced before summer to ensure they are uncovered and ready for the first hot day (Usually early September).

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