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Aircheck Services is a family operated business located in Mt Helena, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia.

We supply a reliable service to the Eastern Hills, Midland and surrounding areas.

Most brands of Evaporative and Refrigerated Airconditioning units are serviced by us.

Aircheck Services believes the most important issues associated with service work are good communication with the client, reliability & quality of workmanship.

Spare Parts:

We carry a good variety of spare parts for Evaporative Air Conditioning units so most repairs can be completed during the first service call.

Where parts are not stocked, requiring equipment to be left out of service, we endeavour to procure the parts & complete the repairs as soon as possible.

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 Service Call Bookings:

Service call bookings are made for the first available time and at the clients convenience.

Once a service call booking is made we will arrive at the time advised. If for any reason there is a problem arriving on time, we will call you as soon as we realise there is a problem, and keep you informed.

We pride ourselves on our reliable, prompt, efficient service.

To make a service booking, please see our Booking/Contact page.